Salesforce is undeniably the best tool for any sales team. If you’re looking to enhance your experience, there are tons of mobile apps and extensions that can help you do more in the palm of your hand. But with thousands of options available, it can take a lot of trial and error until you find the best ones for you and your unique workflow. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve listed the top six mobile apps for Salesforce in 2023.

1. Salesforce

The Salesforce mobile app is an essential tool for all sales professionals, as it allows you to take your business wherever you go. With the app, you can access all your Salesforce records and CRM data on your phone or tablet, while a personalized dashboard allows you to scan reports and update critical information in real time. Push notifications also help to keep you engaged and alerted the moment anything happens.

Price: Free with your Salesforce subscription

2. DocuSign

DocuSign eliminates the hassle of having to schedule face-to-face meetings just to sign important contracts and documents. With the app, you can send and sign documents from anywhere in the world and save it directly on Salesforce. Plus, you can easily track and manage your contracts’ status and generate agreements in a few taps.

Price: $30 per user per month on Salesforce AppExchange

3. Formstack

Formstack is a form builder that allows you to design surveys, lead capture forms, and workflows directly in Salesforce using a powerful drag-and-drop creator. With its data analytics tool, teams can gather important insights and optimize forms for better conversion. The app has hundreds of templates for virtually any industry and is ready for publishing on all platforms.

Price: $225 per user per month on Salesforce AppExchange

4. Slack

Slack is one of the most popular messaging and collaboration apps for teams. Through its integration with Salesforce, users can access insights and essential information all in one place. Other notable features include: being able to search and share Salesforce records in Slack, set up channel alerts, send messages between platforms, and so much more.

Price: Comes free with your Salesforce subscription

5. UpHabit

UpHabit is an Enterprise Relationship Selling app for sales & marketing teams that’s fully integrated with Salesforce. UpHabit eliminates contact & activity leakage (10x your Salesforce contacts) while helping build great relationships. It also shows all the contacts anyone knows for every prospect and customer.

The app allows professionals to create hundreds of contacts and leads in Salesforce with a single tap. Favorite features include the contact sync options (like local contacts, calendars, and email integrations), Reminders, Notes, and Introductions. With UpHabit, account managers and sales teams can skip the tedious task of data entry and focus on what matters most — selling! Best of all, it’s accessible on all iOS and Android devices, Mac, and the web, so you can do everything while on the go or at your desk.

Price: Free with your UpHabit Subscription or $35 per user per month on Salesforce AppExchange

6. Map My Customers

Map My Customers allows sales teams to visualize where their leads, deals, and customers are using maps and geographic reports. This enables teams to strategize and streamline their daily tasks to improve productivity. By syncing your Salesforce with Map My Customers, you can access customer data while in the field and manage your territory straight from your phone.

Price: Free on Salesforce AppExchange