Our Support of Salesforce™️ Consultants

20% Revenue Share Forever

We'll pay you 20% of our revenue, once collected, forever. The only caveat is that you still have to be working with the customer (and we reserve the right to confirm with them on an annual basis).

Highly Discounted Internal Use

We provide UpHabit almost free to all your internal team members. $1 USD per person per month in $10 increments. For example, 8 users would be $10/month in total. 88 would be $90/month in total. List price is $35 USD per user per month.

Joint Webinars

We'd be happy to do a webinar series with you for your customers.

Joint Sales Calls

We'll happily partner with you on sales calls and do custom demos for each prospect.

Joint Marketing

Just about anything you can think of, we're happy to support you with it. Just ask!

Your Customer

We respect your relationship with your customers and our sole focus is to be supportive of it. If you mention us to them and they sign up directly, we'll still pay your revenue share after the fact. You just have to let us know what slipped through and we'll make it right.

Always Yes

The answer is always yes. Just go ahead and ask the question!
UpHabit on AppExchange

Drive success with easy-to-use, powerful tools

Automating the tedious and time consuming process of data entry while giving you the tools that you need to maintain up-to-date systems of contacts

Single-tap data entry

Allows your team to easily integrate contacts real-time and hassle-free with our powerful automated system

Simple Integration

Easy to set up and use as it securely links with the tools you are currently using (Salesforce, emails, local address book, and more)

Custom Contact Sync

Control the contacts that will be integrated into Salesforce with suggested and manual send options