UpHabit for Mailchimp

UpHabit for Mailchimp

Multi-user Mailchimp

UpHabit’s Mailchimp integration allows companies to parcel out list management to dozens/hundreds of individuals, each with their own lists and tags that they can use, making their use of Mailchimp truly multi-user

No customers or prospects slip through the cracks

UpHabit automatically gathers contacts from local contacts, calendars, sent folders and Google and Microsoft contacts. As a result, nobody is left behind as they’re always in UpHabit’s Personal CRM for Business

Filtered lists and tags by user

Business administrators can assign certain lists and certain tags to individual users, meaning the silos are maintained and everyone can work on the lists that matter to their part of the business

Two-way sync for select users (coming August 2023)

UpHabit will soon support administrators defining certain users to get the full list of contacts for a certain list or tag, meaning they’re seeing the entirety of the list and can manage it accordingly

Drive success with easy-to-use, powerful tools

Automating the tedious and time consuming process of data entry while giving you the tools that you need to maintain up-to-date systems of contacts

Single-tap data entry

Allows your team to easily integrate contacts real-time and hassle-free with our powerful automated system

Simple Integration

Easy to set up and use as it securely links with the tools you are currently using (Mailchimp, emails, local address book, local calendars and more)

Custom Contact Sync

Control the contacts that will be integrated into Mailchimp with suggested and manual send options