Privacy is Our Top Priority. If It Wasn’t, We’d All Quit!

Every UpHabit team member, full-time or contract, including our founder, has signed this Data Promise.

Our Personal Data Promise

Our FAQs

“Why do you need access to my email and contacts?”

Relationship building is all about the contacts you know and want to reach out to. In order to serve you we connect to your accounts and bring your contacts into one place, creating one nice clean list in UpHabit. Not only that, we auto-add new contacts on a daily basis (every 2 hours for the paid versions) so that nobody ever slips through the cracks again.

“What do you do with my data?”

The only thing we do with your data is help you organize and act on it. We’ll never share data. You’re our only focus and as we’ve already said, we’d all quit if that wasn’t the case. That includes our founder / majority shareholder, so rest assured your data privacy is locked in as our #1 priority.

“What measures are you taking to improve your security?”

We have a public bug bounty program set up on with hackerone. If you believe you have found a security issue or for more details, please contact us here.

“Will I get served ads in UpHabit?”

Zero, Nada, Zilch. Absolutely not. We run a subscription based model for a reason, because you’re the customer, not the product, and certainly not someone to advertise to! You’re already busy enough without having ads distract you.

“Can I download my data whenever I want?”

Of course! You can request your data at any time, as many times as you want, through our support chat inside the app. We also plan on adding it as a single-tap button in-app in the future.

For more details, you can always read our Terms of Service and full Privacy Policy.

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