Everyone Who Uses Salesforce

Data Driven or Relationship Driven, We've got you Covered

Data Driven

  • you’re systematically missing contacts in Salesforce™️
  • your knowledge is walking out the door
  • marketing is sub-optimal due to lack of data
  • customer success is hamstrung
  • UpHabit can help!

Relationship Driven

  • you’re in a relationship business
  • your team varies in their relationship skills
  • you don’t have supporting relationship tools
  • UpHabit can help!
UpHabit on AppExchange

Drive success with easy-to-use, powerful tools

Automating the tedious and time consuming process of data entry while giving you the tools that you need to maintain up-to-date systems of contacts

Single-tap data entry

Allows your team to easily integrate contacts real-time and hassle-free with our powerful automated system

Simple Integration

Easy to set up and use as it securely links with the tools you are currently using (Salesforce, emails, local address book, and more)

Custom Contact Sync

Control the contacts that will be integrated into your Salesforce database with suggested and manual send options


Create a Salesforce account directly via UpHabit and access up-to-date contacts easily from your phone

Secured Database

Secure your company database by retaining valuable contact information even when employees leave the company

Customer Support

Prioritized support with your dedicated customer service team

Salesforce Screens