Consulting Firms

Client Relationships Are Critical

It’s not just what you know but who you know and what you know about them. Key facts, family, sports, interests, social, all of it!

Missing Salesforce Contacts

When you’re on a call with 5 people at a client, what are the chances all 5 are in Salesforce? 0%? What are the chances they’ll ever be entered?

When Consultants Leave

How much of their knowledge just left? Have you lost the names of the people they’ve been working hard to win and nurture as clients? The activities with those clients?

A Consultant’s Network

You hire experienced consultants because of their network. Can they easily integrate their network into your business, or is it hit and (mostly) miss?

No Data, No Marketing

If the contacts aren’t in Salesforce, the marketing team is powerless to engage and support the sales process. It’s just that simple.

Client Support

Keeping clients informed about all the great things happening in the business really can’t work if the contacts don’t exist for newsletters and special offers.

UpHabit on AppExchange

Drive success with easy-to-use, powerful tools

Automating the tedious and time consuming process of data entry while giving you the tools that you need to maintain up-to-date systems of contacts

Single-tap data entry

Allows your team to easily integrate contacts real-time and hassle-free with our powerful automated system

Simple Integration

Easy to set up and use as it securely links with the tools you are currently using (Salesforce, emails, local address book, and more)

Custom Contact Sync

Control the contacts that will be integrated into Salesforce with suggested and manual send options