Alignment with Salesforce™️

Our ACV Against Your Quota

Our AppExchange solution directly counts as commissionable revenue for Salesforce Account Executives.

SMB and Mid-Market

Our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is SMB and mid-market Salesforce-using customers. Software companies, consulting companies and law firms are especially of interest, but we're broadly applicable and valuable to all types of customers.

Driving Value in Salesforce

We're here to increase the value a Salesforce customer gets out of their investment in Salesforce.

Preventing Duplicates Before Deduplication

UpHabit ensures no duplicate contacts are created and we also ensure our smart search capabilities are used before an Account is created, in order to prevent duplicates before they happen.

Data Hygiene

We ensure all relevant contacts are entered in Salesforce. Nobody slips through the cracks.

Your Customer

We respect your relationship with your customers and our sole focus is to be supportive of it.

Joint Webinars

We'd be happy to do a webinar series with you for your customers.

Joint Sales Calls

We'll happily partner with you on sales calls and do custom demos for each prospect.

Values Alignment

We believe in and support the Salesforce values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and Sustainability. At UpHabit, ours are Privacy, Quality, Passion, Empathy and Integrity.

Always Yes

The answer is always yes. Just go ahead and ask the question!
UpHabit on AppExchange

Drive success with easy-to-use, powerful tools

Automating the tedious and time consuming process of data entry while giving you the tools that you need to maintain up-to-date systems of contacts

Single-tap data entry

Allows your team to easily integrate contacts real-time and hassle-free with our powerful automated system

Simple Integration

Easy to set up and use as it securely links with the tools you are currently using (Salesforce, emails, local address book, and more)

Custom Contact Sync

Control the contacts that will be integrated into Salesforce with suggested and manual send options