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Life at UpHabit

Working at UpHabit means that you get to work on an incredible product that focuses on user experience surrounded by an outstanding team. Every day contains new learnings, supported both by the team and access to various e-learning platforms. You’ll learn so much about what it’s like to be a founding member of (what we know will be) one of the best companies in the world!

Our Values

Our core values at UpHabit are Quality, Passion, Empathy, and Integrity.


We build great products, period. It’s part of our DNA.


We do our best to understand everyone’s perspective and will deliver beyond their expectations at every possible opportunity.


We are passionate about supporting each other, our users, and our product.


Nothing will knock us off the path of doing our work honestly. When we make mistakes, we’ll apologize and focus on how to make things right. We always learn from our mistakes.


It’s All About You

Our company culture focuses on our nice, energetic, and brilliant team. We have a firm “no assholes” rule because it disrupts the atmosphere and invites negativity into the office… we definitely don’t want that! While our team is very accomplished and outstandingly smart in their respective areas, they also have a passion for continual learning, sharing, and mistake making. Humility is essential to us, we can all work to become even better!


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No Current Openings!

While we are not currently looking for new UpHabitants, we’re always interested in keeping in touch! If you’re interested in working with UpHabit, please tell us about yourself and upload your resume.

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