Great Relationships Made Easy

Missing data in Salesforce™️

Data hygiene is critical, including duplicate prevention. Missed contacts and their activity data is walking out the door every night and in the worst case, forever

Account Based Marketing

You can’t have a holistic view of the prospect customer if you’re missing 10-20X of the contacts at that customer. You can’t identify the key decision makers nor design strategies for winning them over

Marketing without handcuffs

One-tap adding of missing contacts greatly improves marketing effectiveness in both the sales and post-sales process, adding value to your Salesforce investment

Following up made easy

Our flexible fixed and recurring reminders, when coupled with our easy to use message templates for email, text and social messaging ensure that your teams engage with the right people at the right time. Effortlessly!

Proven value within 24 hours

Within the first hour you'll have added more contacts to Salesforce than you've added within the last month. After a week, when you run a report across the entire enterprise you'll see that UpHabit users have created 95% of the contacts in Salesforce, and that's after only a single week. 20X = data hygiene!

60 Minute Setup

Enterprise Relationships

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Seeing all your relationships in one place with UpHabit

UpHabit for Salesforce™

Creating contacts in Salesforce™ has never been this effortless. Get 10x to 100x more contacts in Salesforce so your marketing teams can work their magic in support of the sales teams.

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Multiply your Network to
Multiply your Sales

We help teams become exceptional networkers so they generate more revenue and profit.

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Relationship Selling by seeing everyone at a glance that you need to talk to today



Super connecting made super simple. Make professional introductions in seconds.


Never lose touch with important contacts. Choose from pre-set or custom intervals.


Keep track of your conversations so that you always pick up where you left off.


Add tags to group contacts by city, industry or whatever else you choose!
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Privacy is Our Top Priority

At UpHabit, we are dedicated to keep your data safe and secure.

All our servers and platforms are kept up to date with the latest security fixes and best practices. We keep all data regularly backed up.

Your contacts belong to you and we’ll never contact them. We’d rather quit than sell or share data. You can one-tap export all your data as many times as you want.

Access to our servers is restricted to authorized employees only and you must grant us permission before we’ll look at any contact data (and only for rare support purposes).

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UpHabit's Relationship Selling app has two patents pending

Ratings and Reviews

J. Kelly HoeyAuthor of Build Your Dream Network

“I recently downloaded 11 CRM apps (such as Hippo, Contact Journal, Copper, etc) to test and almost immediately deleted 10. Of the 11 apps I downloaded, UpHabit remains on my phone, because there is now a desktop version and the company is very focused on user privacy.”

Don MorrisRelationship Marketing Specialist

“Your app, even in the beta phase, has risen to the top.”

Alyssa RandallStart-up CEO

“I just wanted to let you know how awesome & speedy your team is! This is the best customer experience for a bug I have ever had.”

BrokentilleriOS review

“My work/life contacts have been a mingled mess for years. UpHabit has given me a tool to manage my personal contacts like having a CRM for my life.”

Ali KhalilGProCommunity Administrator

“I've always wanted a tool that helps me build healthy relational habits. So, good job on creativity and splendid customer service.
Keep up the good work!”

Jon MooreConsultant, Teacher

“These guys are tireless in their development! Give it a try and see if you like it!”

Shaun MMarketing Director

“I absolutely LOVE your app, and it has allowed me to reconnect with so many of my contacts that I had forgotten about. I appreciate you more than you know!”

Timothy ElstoneAndroid review

“The best Personal Relationship Manager out there. Very impressed and love this app.”


“After years of global travel, UpHabit has finally given me the structured glue to stay close to those that matter”

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