UpHabit’s better with friends!

As the Personal CRM for thoughtful Super Connectors, UpHabit is all about connecting people. From one easy-to-use app, you’re able to manage all your contacts and constantly develop your network through amazing features like Introductions, Tags, and Integrations. Our users already know these benefits, but we’ve found it difficult to spread the word without compromising on our core value of privacy.

That’s why we’re giving you a special way to share UpHabit with your friends! From the top of the Settings tab, just tap on “Share UpHabit Socially” to get pre-drafted social media, email, and texting sharing options. Although these options have everything you need to share, we want to hear about you! Tell us why you use UpHabit, how you use it, and why you’re sharing it. Remember to tag @uphabit on every post!

Recipients will then be able to sign up with your unique referral code and leverage the power of UpHabit with just a couple of clicks. Whether it’s a colleague looking to make a career change or your mentee looking to begin their networking journey, your entire network will appreciate the recommendation!

On top of all that, for every friend you get to sign up for UpHabit, you’ll receive 10% of revenues! These proceeds can be added to your PayPal on a continuous basis or donated to any international Red Cross of your choice. This makes sharing UpHabit with your friends and family a no-brainer – you’re building a stronger community and sharing a powerful tool, all while earning ongoing rewards and helping a great cause.

About UpHabit

UpHabit is an easy-to-use app that takes the heavy lifting out of reaching out, following up, and building an effective professional network. Build a stronger network with UpHabit, an app for Thoughtful Super Connectors! Download now on iOS, Android, and MacOS. Available as a web app too.

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