What is UpHabit?

Hello and welcome to the UpHabit blog! Here we’ll share information, tutorials, and articles of general interest as written by our Habiteers.

As time goes on, we meet more people and add to our ever-growing contact book. From personal experience, we at UpHabit understand the difficulty of maintaining contact with every person on your list. That’s why we’re working so hard to build a tool that will help you organize your relationships, set reminders, and allow you to follow up and remember every time you speak to your favourite people!

First and foremost, UpHabit exists to help you strengthen and develop deeper, more authentic relationships with the people in your networks. We are also committed to helping you recover lost connections by compiling a list of all the people you’ve had contact with and helping you to restore your relationship.

UpHabit is a cloud-based app that streamlines your email into a simple and beautiful interface where you can:

  • Consolidate your contacts from various platforms
  • Triage your relationships through tagging by type, commitment, and perceived value to determine how often you want to contact
  • Set reminders (both one-time and recurring) to reach out, with seamless integration to your email platform
  • Oversee meeting results over time, both through tracking general tone and personal note-taking

So who are we?

There are currently seven UpHabitants. Our founder Neil, along with Amanda (Product Manager), Kevin (UX/UI Designer), and Alex (Growth Marketer) are all operating out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We currently have three developers abroad, who are on their way to join us in the cold soon: Thiago (Senior Mobile Engineer), Abdo (Senior Mobile Engineer), and Raghd (Senior Backend Engineer).

We should be around ten Habiteers by the time we launch Uphabit in the Summer of 2018. In the simplest of terms, our team exists to build you the best relationship management app in the world.

What does that mean?

For us to build the best app in the world, we need feedback… all of the feedback. We love to hear what we’re doing right, and we love hearing what we’re doing wrong even more. We subscribe to the school of thought that you can’t stop learning — and it’s through the feedback that we receive that we can continuously learn and grow.

What do we stand for?

Learning and growing takes a lot of work, and it is a top priority of ours to dedicate ourselves to a positive environment. We commit to this in the following ways:


Devotion to fostering a system of support…

Because helping each other stands to benefit us all!

Fixation on our customers…

Our customers are our heart and soul… they’re the best people to tell us how we’re doing and how to improve!

Passion for our product and continuously making it better…

Which comes from both the feedback we receive and the observations of our fantastic staff!

Making new mistakes…

Working hard to make the best product possible means that we’ll inevitably stumble along the way… but that’s how we learn and adjust to make the result that much sweeter!

Never stop learning and sharing…

Even if it’s something silly, we encourage each other to share in our internal chat channel What I Learned Today!


With that, we’d like to thank you for joining us, and welcome you to our blog! You’ll be hearing from us soon. 🙂