UpHabit exists to help you develop deeper and more authentic high-quality relationships.


Keep Connected

You’ve met and continue to meet tons of great people in your life. But you’ve probably been too busy to stay in touch with most of them. You also know that life is not about to slow down. We want to help you keep in touch with these important people and to help you deepen your relationships in a supportive and authentic way.
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Your Feedback

At UpHabit we’re building an app to best serve you in deepening your relationships. We can’t do that properly without hearing from you! So we’ll definitely be asking you some questions, and we also do our best to be as open and transparent as possible in the steps that we take as a team. We’re here to listen and learn how we can keep improving our product — and our company!


The UpHabitants

Passionate, hard-working people working together towards the same mission.
Neil - Founder and CEO



Neil is UpHabit’s founder, which is his whopping 8th startup. His last exit was in 2016 and he just can’t stop that entrepreneurial spirit — after all, he’s been doing it for almost 30 years! He has a strong passion for supporting the UpHabitants, his #1 role within the company, as well as working on the UpHabit app and company itself. A software engineer of over 30 years, by nature Neil loves delighting customers. In addition to his work at UpHabit, Neil coaches young entrepreneurs in order to aide the next generation of founders build their own great businesses

Amanda - Product Manager


Senior Product Manager

Amanda is an aspiring yoga poser that enjoys travelling and spending time at home with her family Steve, Adora (favourite cat) and Samson (least favourite cat). When she’s not posing, she hustles as a Product Manager, obsessing over customers and helping to build solutions that address their everyday problems. Amanda is most passionate about this and is very excited to connect and evolve with UpHabit as she knows it will help her and others build deeper relationships.

Akira - Customer Success and QA Specialist


Customer Success & QA Specialist

Akira embodies passion and resourcefulness. He considers himself an avid outdoorsman who spends his time fishing, hiking, hunting, canoeing and camping (he also loves fast cars, shoes, and pugs!). Akira is excited to work with UpHabit from the ground up and to apply his skills to help people manage their most meaningful relations.

Fawad - IOS Engineer


Senior Mobile Engineer

An iOS engineer with a passion for tech, Fawad loves spending time with his wife Humera and his 18 month old daughter Maryam. He also follows Formula 1 racing and is a fan of all things Apple! Fawad’s always wanted to work with a tech company that works toward helping people, and with UpHabit he gets to do that every day!

Raghd - Backend Engineer


Senior Backend Engineer

A geek, a book lover, and a Lord of the Rings fan; also a backend developer by day.

Gabe - Backend Engineer


Senior Backend Engineer

A backend engineer with the drive to succeed, Gabe’s a huge fan of working with startups in their early phases. In fact, UpHabit is the fourth company that he has helped to launch! Gabe is also as aspiring world traveller, after his most recent trip to the Netherlands, his current plan is to travel to two new places every year.

Thiago - IOS Engineer


Senior Mobile Engineer

Software developer since 2008, and has since worked with great web and mobile products. Good listener. When not coding Thiago enjoys reading about and discussing math, drinking coffee, and spending time with Máyra (his wife) and Cookie (his cat). Values quality relationships and empathy above all, which is why he loves the culture UpHabit is building!

Abdo - Android Engineer


Senior Mobile Engineer

Resident nerd of all things Android with a soft spot for AI. Abdo is a proud Ravenclaw with a passion for vexillology and linguistics. In his spare time, he enjoys singing in choirs, running marathons, baking, and is almost always found passed out sleeping next to Odin (his dog). Abdo is delighted to be a part of UpHabit as he strongly believes that it’s always the little things that make the biggest differences.


Senior Mobile Engineer

Mussa is a passionate software engineer, who strives to add value to the everyday life of people by creating quality Android apps. Mussa is a father of two kids and his favourite time during the day is breakfast with his beautiful family! He values his relationships and UpHabit makes it tremendously easy to keep them healthy.




Shaida strives to create an engaged, open-door, trusting, and fun employee environment for innovative companies. Shaida is like a bear to honey for any activities that involve laughter and people (from board games to zip lining!) Shaida is excited to work with Neil who places such emphasis on Employees First and honestly values their opinions, ideas, and mistakes… using these as the building blocks of our company.


Marketing Manager

or TJ for short. Current Pinball Grand Champion and gamer at heart, TJ likes to mix work with play and turn anything into a fun experience. With over 6 years of marketing experience, TJ has vowed to take on UpHabit as his next big challenge, all while defending his Pinball title. He’s looking forward to launching his very first mobile app with UpHabit!


Digital Media and Community Manager

Nathaly is a digital marketer with a passion for all things social. A recovering beach bum, she loves traveling and exploring the outdoors. When she’s not in the office, you can generally find Nathaly with her side-kick, a shih-tzu named Chewy.


Senior UX/UI Product Designer

Liza is a UX-er with a knack for uncovering users’ pain-points and solving them with elegant design. She is a firm believer that great collaborative processes lead to great product results. When not pushing pixels, she’s busy preparing for a self-sufficient life, practicing the skills she’ll need to tend her 80 acre off-grid homestead.


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