Super connecting made super simple.

Beta coming mid-August 2020

UpHabit Introductions gives Thoughtful Super Connectors the power to make professional introductions in seconds.

Introducing Introductions

When you’re a Super Connector, making introductions goes beyond the workplace; it’s a lifestyle. It’s the attitude of giving back, and the pleasure of sparking all the right conversations. That’s why we built UpHabit Introductions. Built for ease and efficiency, UpHabit Introductions empowers professionals to make the right introductions at the right time, all the time.


Making introductions has never been easier — with custom introduction templates and duplication options, you can make all the introductions in the world within seconds.

Connection Feedback

Automating the process of following up, UpHabit enables you to receive feedback on the success of your introduction from both parties, so that you can really bring value to your network.

Double Opt-in

COMING SOON — The double opt-in feature ensures that both parties look forward to meeting before you make the introduction, so that you spark a meaningful connection every time.

Beta coming August 2020

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