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Social Influencer Guidelines

What is UpHabit?

UpHabit is a free Professional Network Manager app that keeps you connected. Our goal is to help people build a stronger network for their professional and business growth. Kindly download the app and create your own accounts to be able to experience our product and features.

What is the objective of the Social Influencer Campaign?

We want to raise brand awareness, engagement, app installs, and build a community of Habiteers.

Which channels will be used in the campaign?

We prefer LinkedIn and Twitter the most but Instagram and Facebook is also acceptable.

What type of content and how frequent do I need to post?

Engaging and relatable content should be driving thought leadership around Building a Stronger Network. It should be all about relationship building, networking, and managing your contacts to help with professional and business growth/development.

Who is UpHabit's target audience?

We aim to build a community of busy professionals, leaders, and business owners.

What key messages or keywords do you want mentioned?

The common hashtags we prefer are #UpHabit, #app #iOS #Android #MacOS and for keywords use “Professional”, “Network”, “Manager”, “Relationships”, “Growth”, and “Business” as you see fit. Don’t forget to tag @uphabit on every post.

Where should I drive the audience?

We’ll give you a unique tracking URL for your posts so that we can track the impact of all your great work. It’ll automatically send your followers to the best download page for their phones. If you haven’t gotten a code yet, please ask us for one.

Visual Guidelines

Feel free to use the images provided in the UpHabit press kit for your social posts.

Download Press Kit

Ratings and Reviews

Don MorrisRelationship Marketing Specialist

“Your app, even in the beta phase, has risen to the top.”

Alyssa RandallStart-up CEO

“I just wanted to let you know how awesome & speedy your team is! This is the best customer experience for a bug I have ever had.”

BrokentilleriOS review

“My work/life contacts have been a mingled mess for years. UpHabit has given me a tool to manage my personal contacts like having a CRM for my life.”

Ali KhalilGProCommunity Administrator

“I've always wanted a tool that helps me build healthy relational habits. So, good job on creativity and splendid customer service.
Keep up the good work!”

Jon MooreConsultant, Teacher

“These guys are tireless in their development! Give it a try and see if you like it!”

Shaun MMarketing Director

“I absolutely LOVE your app, and it has allowed me to reconnect with so many of my contacts that I had forgotten about. I appreciate you more than you know!”