Over 20+ years of entrepreneurship and innovation, I’ve handled 8 startups. This priceless experience has taught me some tips and tricks that any entrepreneur can find valuable. As the current CEO and founder of UpHabit, these tricks have been key to creating a product that customers love and value. But the one piece of advice I’ve found most valuable is simple:

Listen to your users and customers!

No product is perfect, and no amount of testing can find every issue. That’s why listening to customers, the thousands of individuals using your product, is so important. Whether they find a bug, faulty feature, or even suggest a new feature, the feedback you receive from your users will always help make the product better – the customer is usually right!

When it comes to making UpHabit the best it can be, feedback is central. In fact, some of UpHabit’s most important features were added after getting insights during our training sessions. One awesome example was with Karen, who wanted to have the option to take note of at least 2 fun facts about a contact (spouse’s name, kid’s name, etc.). This suggestion, a simple wish of a customer, grew into something much more.

That little idea grew into a whole new feature. We were able to create a description field with templates so you can easily add and remember important details about the people you meet. Now, Karen could note fun facts about each of her contacts.

You may think this would have taken weeks of work to implement. In fact, it all happened within 10 days! At UpHabit, we understand that users want the best features, right away. We received Karen’s suggestion and knew our users would want it as soon as possible.

To our users – tell UpHabit what you want and we’ll build it for you! No matter how big or small a suggestion. Remember that small things can have a big impact! Our goal is to create the best product for every single user – that can only happen by listening to our users.

About UpHabit

UpHabit is an easy-to-use app that takes the heavy lifting out of reaching out, following up, and building an effective professional network. Build a stronger network with UpHabit, an app for Thoughtful Super Connectors! Download now on iOS, Android, and MacOS. Available as a web app too.

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