Strong professional networks have become a staple of success in the modern workforce. Studies suggest that up to 85% of jobs are filled through connections, while 70% aren’t even publicly published. All too often, it’s not about what you know, but who you know.

Still, not all networking is equally beneficial. Simply collecting business cards and connecting on LinkedIn isn’t enough to build the proper connections you need. Instead, building communities and developing real relationships are the keys to long-term success.

Becoming a Super Connector, or someone who connects others and provides value within any network, can be a challenging task. But given the right tools and mindset, anyone can become a connector. But what are the tools you need to become a Super Connector?

Welcome to Personal CRM’s

CRM’s, or customer relationship management tools, have been around for decades as a way for businesses to keep track and stay in contact with their customers. Companies such as Salesforce and HubSpot have allowed companies to gather all their customer interactions in one place, thereby improving the user experience and management efficiency.

Personal CRM’s are a recent adaption of the customer relationship management tool for our personal lives. Just like their business counterparts, Personal CRM’s, or contact relationship management apps, focus on gathering all your relationships in one place and staying in touch with them. Combining the features of a contact book, notebook, reminder app, calendar app, and way to make introductions, a Personal CRM makes maintaining connections easier.

Who needs one?

A defining feature of Personal CRM’s is that everyone can use them! We all have dozens of friends, coworkers, relatives, and acquaintances, most of whom we want to stay in touch with. Staying accountable to everyone can be a challenge, so using a Personal CRM can be priceless. Setting reminders for birthdays, keeping notes of important events, and having all your contacts and social profiles in one place are features we can all find useful.

Although everyone can benefit from a personal CRM, Super Connectors need a CRM to help stay organized, connected, and accountable to all their communities. There are plenty of apps out there, but only one has all the features a Super Connector needs.

Why you need UpHabit

UpHabit is the Personal CRM for thoughtful Super Connectors and those who aspire to be one. In other words, it’s designed for professionals that need all the features of a CRM, and then some. Reminders, Notes, Tags, and Timelines are all easy to use, intuitive, and always helpful. With the recent release of UpHabit Introductions and UpHabit for Salesforce, connectors and professionals can get even more out of their networks.

UpHabit Introductions is designed for thoughtful Super Connectors; the connectors that make bringing others together their lifestyle. Building communities of exceptional individuals is just a couple of clicks away. With preset and custom templates, connection feedback, and follow-up reminders, making introductions has never been easier.

UpHabit also helps you stay flexible and connected wherever you go. From the start, you’re able to sync your contacts from your Google, Microsoft, and Local Address Book, bringing together all your friends and family. And with the ability to connect all your contacts’ social media profiles, UpHabit brings everything together. Plus, UpHabit features multi-platform support for iOS, Android, macOS, and Web, allowing you to access your contacts from your phone, tablet, and computer. Anywhere you go, you’ll be able to stay connected to your Personal CRM.

The value of networking and connecting is difficult to overstate in our interconnected world. Communities have become the keys to success and personal growth. Tapping into the experiences, knowledge and networks of other professionals can be priceless, no matter where you are in your journey.

Whether you’re a Super Connector, want to build a stronger network, or simply stay accountable to all your relationships, a Personal CRM is a must-have. There are plenty of them out there, but finding the right one can be a challenge. UpHabit sets itself apart from the rest with its dedication to privacy, impressive new features such as Introductions and UpHabit for Salesforce, and a plethora of engaging and helpful tools in the palm of your hand.

About UpHabit

UpHabit is an easy-to-use app that takes the heavy lifting out of reaching out, following up, and building an effective professional network. Build a stronger network with UpHabit, an app for Thoughtful Super Connectors! Download now on iOS, Android, and MacOS.

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