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Some people hate it, some love it. But no matter your opinion on it, networking has become an essential part of succeeding professionally and being fulfilled personally. From helping you land your next job, connecting you with your first investor, or building your client base, a strong network is priceless.

There’s plenty of ways to improve the way you network and build connections. But all have a common theme; they take time and effort. Reaching out, building personal relationships, and adding value are all keys to a great network. You have to put the time in!

UpHabit makes networking and connecting a much easier experience. As a Personal CRM for thoughtful Super Connectors and those who aspire to be one, its features help build strong relationships and amazing communities. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 UpHabit features that will help you build the network you want and need!

1. Contact Sync & Merge

Keeping track of all your contacts, across all your address books, is often the first challenge when managing your connections. Syncing all your contacts, from your phonebook and emails, into a single app provides a simple solution.

Your new contacts are auto-added for you regularly (including people you’ve recently emailed or connected with on LinkedIn) to make sure you’re always up to date. Most importantly, UpHabit will never share your data; your privacy is always the #1 priority.

Pro Tip:

Oftentimes, the same contacts can be found in both our phone address books and email accounts. To reduce clutter within the app and make each contact accessible on multiple platforms, UpHabit offers a Suggested Merge feature. With a single tap, all your duplicate contacts will be combined to clean up your network. It can’t get easier than that!

2. Custom Reminders

When maintaining a strong network, it’s important to regularly reach out and engage with your relationships. With a large network, this can be a difficult task. And when we factor in our jobs and personal lives, it can seem impossible to keep up with it all.

That’s where UpHabit’s Reminders feature comes in handy. With just a couple of clicks, you can set a preset or custom reminder for each of your contacts. You can personalize your reminders by adding a title and setting whether it’s recurring or not. Once set, UpHabit will notify you when it’s time to connect, so make sure your Notifications are turned on!

That’s just the first step; it’s up to you to reach out and build your connections. But having your reminders in one place can help push you to make keeping in touch with your relationships a habit.

Pro Tip:

Never miss the chance to make someone’s birthday extra special! UpHabit also gives you suggested birthday reminders to assure that you’re never missing out.

3. Searchable Notes

One of the keys to building a stronger network is creating a personal connection with each of your relationships. Remembering important personal details and conversation topics can go a long way in creating a connection.

But with a large network, remembering all these details and keeping them up to date and organized can be nearly impossible! Luckily, the UpHabit Notes feature solves this problem. With just a couple of clicks, you can add notes about their interests, hobbies, achievements, and anything you want to remember about your connection. Even better, you can search them quickly without a fuss.

Pro Tip:

Everytime you complete a reminder and log interactions through the We Connected feature, make sure to add notes about your conversation. It’ll come in handy the next time you reach out. Remembering all the information and important details, even down to the small things, can help build your credibility and show that you value your relationship.

4. Tag Organization

Oftentimes, we keep all of our contacts in alphabetical order in our address book or email account, without an efficient organization to them. It’s easy to find a specific person when we know who we’re looking for. But what if we need to find someone that works in the tech industry or is a C-suite executive?

With UpHabit’s Tags feature, it’s easier than ever to organize all your contacts into groups. There are limitless ways to do this; you can either start off with preset ones or create your own personalized tags. You can even add multiple tags per person. Once you’re set, all your tags are searchable and filterable in an instant.

Pro Tip:

Make organizing your contacts a fun experience: customize your tags by choosing colors for each or use emojis as tag names! It doesn’t hurt to add some splash of color and spice to your contacts.

5. Social Profile Integration

What could be better than seeing a reminder to reach out, having all your notes at your fingertips, and then being able to check out their LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media profiles?

Well, with UpHabit’s Social Accounts integration, you can do that and more. With support for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube (plus business and personal websites), you’ll have UpHabit at the center of your contact’s social footprint!

Imagine seeing a new contact, tapping on a grey LinkedIn icon, which does a search on LinkedIn for the person. You tap on the right profile, tap Add to UpHabit, and then you’re right back to the contact’s profile in UpHabit. But instead of the icon being grey, it’s now blue. That means every time you tap on the LinkedIn icon, it’ll send you right into the person’s LinkedIn profile on the LinkedIn app. It’s like magic.

Also, even more magical is our privacy-first social integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, whereby connections to the person’s social profiles are automatic. It includes social profile photos and even Facebook birthdays!

Pro Tip:

If you start a message conversation with a person from UpHabit, it’ll now offer LinkedIn Messaging as a new option to go along with your standard messaging options. Reaching out just got even easier!

6. Snooze Reminders

UpHabit and its features can save you plenty of time when staying accountable to all your relationships. Reminders help us stay in touch, but sometimes we can still get overwhelmed with all of our obligations.

Bulk Snooze helps you stay focused and productive during the most hectic times in your life. This feature will evenly redistribute your reminders over a selected period of time, giving you a chance to catch up and connect with everyone, stress-free.

Pro Tip:

When snoozing reminders, UpHabit still gives you the power to choose if you want to keep some for that day, or leave none. These reminders are super flexible, but make sure to double-check there’s nothing important that day. You don’t want to miss out on a client meeting or family gathering!

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a strong network; studies show up to 80% of jobs are filled as a result of networking. But balancing a network and your personal and professional lives can be difficult for most of us.

Using Uphabit, the Personal CRM for thoughtful Super Connectors, will give you the tools you need to keep up with all your relationships, from your best friends to co-workers from your first job. And with the upcoming Introductions feature for UpHabit, connecting your network will become easier than ever before.

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