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You’ve heard the story time and time again. An intelligent, young entrepreneur working from a garage or a small studio apartment notices a need in the market and creates a business to meet it. That business takes off and grows into a tech empire. Oftentimes, these entrepreneurs are entirely self-made and have had no formal training.

You might have the idea, the drive, and the gumption, but you don’t know where to begin. Of course, there are myriad of benefits for post-secondary business education. However, the fact of the matter is that not everyone has the time or means to attend such institutions. You still need to hear from industry experts, to learn from their journeys, successes, and failures.

Luckily, sites such as Udemy have made learning from renowned leaders accessible to everyone. Here are 4 Udemy courses you need to help get your business started.

The Climb: 6 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand

Have you ever asked yourself why Apple can charge so much money for their products when the smartphone market is already so competitive? Or, why a simple white t-shirt emblazoned with the word “Supreme” can cost hundreds of dollars? The answer is simple: a powerful brand.

In his course, Dwayne “D.K.” Sutton, author of five books and successful startup advisor, who has helped entrepreneurs create over $300 million in revenue, will take you through the process of creating a powerful personal brand.

As stated on the course page, you’ll learn:
  • Exactly what automatically attracts the right people to you
  • How to share your brand story with the world in such a way that they immediately find you credible
  • What to Tweet to cause your audience to want to follow you
  • How to break through all of the noise in the marketplace
  • And, much, much more

The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

One of the biggest ways the internet has disrupted business is by removing the need for a brick-and-mortar store to sell your product or service. In fact, according to a 2019 report from the Commerce Department, online shopping accounted for the majority of retail sales for the first time in history. Your website needs to be your best salesperson and that means paying close attention to the user interface and graphics, but you also need the technical know-how to build it.

This is where WordPress can come to the rescue. It’s a free and powerful tool that allows you to build elegant, functional websites with absolutely no coding experience.

Udemy’s incredibly robust WordPress course will take you through the entire process of creating your website step-by-step and equip you with the tools you need to troubleshoot, maintain, and upgrade it over time.

The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course

If you’re starting up a new business or expanding an existing one, chances are you’re going to be pitching a lot. When you’re presenting to stakeholders or potential investors, you have to sell yourself as much as your idea. You need to appear charismatic, confident, and inspire them to believe in you.

Udemy’s best-selling presentation skills course, presented by Chris Haroun, an award-winning professor, author, and entrepreneur is a comprehensive, 16-hour journey providing you with practical experience that is guaranteed to make a remarkable change in your speaking skills.

The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell like a pro

You know you need to write copy for your website or your business, but the words just don’t come to you. Perhaps you try a first draft but it doesn’t sound exciting, so you lose interest. If that sounds familiar, then The Complete Copywriting Course is for you.

Not only will you learn the trick to writing compelling sales copy, but you’ll also learn about the psychology behind the words and receive helpful templates that you can put to good use time and time again.

As stated on the course page, you’ll get:
  • Expert tips to give you a competitive advantage
  • Repeatable formulas and timeless sales psychology tactics
  • Scientifically-proven techniques to boost your confidence
  • Fun, interactive copy missions to help you lock down the info
  • Brilliantly handy templates you can overwrite… time and time again
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