We’re nearing the end of January and we’re rolling in fast with updates. We’ve already released 5 updates on iOS. With the latest update on iOS, we’ve got more ways to export your data. Whether it’s for a mailing list or for your personal backup, we’ve made exporting your data to a simple and organized CSV easier than ever. Here are the many ways you can export your data today:

1) Single Contact: View and export any single contact data.

Local export

2) Multiple Contacts: Select any number of contacts you want, then export their data.

Local Export Multiple

3) All Contacts: Exporting all your contact data is faster and simpler with the new “Export all Contact Data” in the Settings tab.

Export All

4) Export by Tags: Tap on the new “Share” icon in the Tag view screen to export contacts within a specific tag.

Local export via tags

We’ll be releasing an update for Android in February to include these new export options so for all our Android users, we’ll make sure you hear from us soon!