It’s that time of the year again where our wallets run dry and we struggle with the uncertainty of what to give our loved ones.
Well, say no more. We’ve found a bunch of unique and interesting Christmas gift ideas to make your surprise stand out. Here’s a rundown of the best gifts you can get today.


Not a physical gift but that doesn’t take anything away from how thoughtful it can be. Know someone interested in acting? I’m sure they’d be delighted to be taking a course with Nathalie Portman, or Samuel L. Jackson. Maybe they’re into magic, singing, comedy, music production, basketball. I’m sure Penn & Teller, Christina Aguilera, Hans Zimmer, and Steph Curry would be great teachers to help. Masterclass’s big names are big and their courses are expansive enough to drive anyone’s passion forward. For a limited time, Masterclass is running a buy one get one free promotion so go ahead and give it a shot.

Click Here: Masterclass


It doesn’t get any more personal than this. DNA11 is a personalized form of art that uses DNA to create a unique portrait.
Basically, you’ll receive a cheek swab kit along with some color sample swatches. By simply swabbing the inside of the cheek, you’re able to create a blown stylized image of your DNA and hang it on the wall. We recommend buying the DNA kit for a close friend or family member. Don’t gift your DNA to others, that’s just weird.

Click Here: DNA11

Make your own kit: Beer

Know any beer lovers? We’ve got your back. Beer enthusiasts go beyond just drinking beer, they’d like to learn more about how it’s done, and maybe, make their own. Williams Sonoma has this excellent beer making kit that is friendly for any kitchen.
With just a little room and a dash of enthusiasm, this gift is perfect for those looking for a step-by-step guide into the world of making beer in every stage, from the mash, the sparge, the boil, fermentation and bottling.

Click Here: Beer Kit

Make your own kit: Hot Sauce

Hot sauces are the coolest (no wait, hottest) thing right now. There’s always a hot sauce addict that wants to give making their own flavor a try. If you know anyone that’s dedicated, why not surprise them with a Make Your Own Hot Sauce kit this Christmas. An extra bonus if you can get them a bottle of their favourite hot sauce too. Now that’s one spicy gift right there!

Click Here: Hot Sauce Kit

Framed Photos

christmas gift

Everyone wants framed photos but may not have time for it. At Framebridge, you can create a framed image of just about anything. You can put any photo of your choice, or better yet, a memorable concert ticket or a movie stub, or a letter. Turn any memory into a picture worth hanging.

If you’re an Instagram addict, you can turn your favourite Instagram photos into printed photos with Mixtiles.

An Experience

This is a tricky one but very effective if you know the person well enough. Works best with partners too. Simply ask yourself, what do they like? What have they been talking about? Have they mentioned that they wish they can go to a certain event? Have they explored their surroundings well enough?

    • Is a band they like planning to tour?
    • Dinner and show. Plan a nice evening out together. Classic yet effective.
    • Something to bring the creativity out like woodworking, painting, craft or pottery class.
    • Be a tourist in your own city. Take a red bus tour or a segway tour in a page of town you’re not familiar with.