Did you receive an email survey from us a few weeks ago? We know that surveys aren’t the most exciting thing in the world; they can be dull, tedious to fill out, and sometimes a little personal. That’s why we’re all the more thankful for all of you who took the time to truthfully answer our questions. That short 4-question form may not have appeared to contain a lot of information – but what we gathered from it is invaluable to our team and our product.

In just 4 questions, you told us about who you are, what you’re excited about, and how we could improve to better fit your needs. Wondering how your answered fared in comparison to other Habiteers? Here are 3 interesting things that we learned from our last user survey:

1.  What we asked: What type of people do you think would benefit from UpHabit?

How you answered: There’s a fairly even divide between people who believe that UpHabit is best suited for business and personal use. See the chart below for a loose demonstration of what your answered showed us.

What we learned: UpHabit may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. As we continue to grow and learn about our user base, it’ll be interesting to hear more about how people are using our CRM. How are you using UpHabit to solve a problem in your life? It’ll make our day if you let us know.

2. What we asked: What is the main benefit you receive from UpHabit?

How you answered: This question was a little more cut and dry. It’s no surprise that approx 70% of people who answered our survey said that the greatest benefit they receive is the reminder to keep in touch with people. The next most popular response was the ability to take notes and revisit conversations that happened. Take a look at the chart below for a clear representation of what responses looked like.

What we learned: We personally think these two features go hand in hand! Keeping track of what you spoke about in a previous conversation will help build a stronger rapport with your important contacts. Revisit your notes before your next reminder to reach out to that person, and surprise them with how much you remembered from your previous chat.

What is the main benefit from UpHabit Personal CRM

3. What we asked: How can we improve UpHabit for you?

How you answered: Well, you answered honestly, and we couldn’t be happier about that. As you can see from the chart below, the survey results varied and included many different ways that we can improve our app to best serve your needs.

What we learned: We have a lot of work to do!

What’s next: After all of the survey results were in, our product team took a close look at them and implemented many of the suggested improvements directly into our roadmap! You may have noticed that we recently launched better social integration in your contacts, and we have some exciting new features coming up. In the coming months you can look forward to much-anticipated enhancements to the Today tab that will provide better visibility to upcoming reminders through a calendar view. We’re also working on a whole slew of UX/UI improvements.

Did you miss your chance to complete our last survey? You can always share your thoughts with us by emailing: hello@uphabit.com. We really would love to hear from you.