Beta 2.5.1 Changes

Hey Habiteers!

We’re very excited to share with you a big update to UpHabit, full of new features to try out (and fixes for any bugs that we’ve seen). Thanks to all the awesome feedback we’ve been getting, we’ve made a lot of improvements and will always have more to come. As always, thank you for your support and for being an essential part of the journey. Now, let’s get down to the fun stuff!

New We Connected (2.5.1)

New We Connected Menu

Your voice was loud and clear, many users needed a new, clearer We Connected screen where you don’t have to jump to a new screen. We’ve gone back to the drawing board to redesign its look and feel. We hope this makes completing reminders simpler and more intuitive to use. Let us know what you think!

We want to thank our Super Habiteers Don, Sameer, Nate, Richard, Markus, Stuart, Dominik, and Ali for sharing their feedback on this point and helping us make the right changes! Side note: we’re going to support custom connection types in our next release, and development of this future feature is almost done already.

Suggested Merge

A new smarter way to tidy up your duplicate contacts is now visible on the New and People tab. After scanning your contacts, UpHabit will now suggest merging contacts, some of which you’ll agree with and some you’ll tell us to skip. You have the choice to manage your contacts the way you want!

Special thanks to our Habiteers Steve, Lisa, Adam, Geoff, Allan, Hamish, Rohit, Julien, William and Nathan who suggested “Suggested Merge” (see what we did there? We need to make better jokes).

Merge Suggestions (2.5.1)
Notes List (2.5.1)

Notes Enhancements

Previously, any notes that were written when connecting with a relationship get added to the timeline of that contact. This created a timeline full of interactions and notes in between. But what if you just want to review the notes without having to scroll through a historical timeline of all your interactions? That’s a question we got from some of our great Habiteer members, Jan, Daniel, Andy, Richard, and Daniel.

Thanks to their contribution, we have worked on a new Notes list that can be seen from the previous icon you used to edit a contact’s description (which is still part of the new screen).

Recommend UpHabit

Know a friend, colleague, or family member that is looking to build stronger relationships with the people in their life? Well, we’ve added a quick way to recommend UpHabit to them via email or SMS. When you go to any contact, you’ll find a new “Recommend UpHabit” feature integrated. We hope your experience with UpHabit is beneficial and feel like others would enjoy it as well.

Recommend UpHabit

Quick Bite Changes

Image added in Today

The Today screen will now greet you with a success image once all your reminders have been resolved. It’s a small change that we hope brings a smile to your face for a job well done!

Switch Everyone and Relationships tab in People

A small adjustment but the message is clear: we want to bring the focus to your relationships and put them on the forefront.

Please keep your fantastic feedback coming. It’s our job to act on all of it. You can reach us through Contact Support in-app (at the top of Settings), as well as emailing us at

All of us at UpHabit hope you have a great day!