Hello, future Habiteers!

We are incredibly excited to announce that the Android beta for UpHabit is available now on the Google Play Store to download.
You can get your hands on it now too and here is how:

1) Request access to the closed beta by emailing us on team@uphabit.com. Please share with us your Google Play Store associated account in the email.

2) Click on the Google Play Store icon below and download the beta.

Android Beta

What Is UpHabit?

UpHabit is all about helping you build better relationships with the people you care about the most. It’s your personal relationship manager all tucked in as a simple app on your phone. Since this is a beta, not everything will be perfect yet. But with your help, we can make UpHabit as beautiful and as easy to use as possible.

How UpHabit Can Help You

Consolidate All Your Contacts

Bring all your connections to one clean list.

  • Google Integration
  • Outlook Integration
  • Local Phone Book
  • Ingest Email and Mobile Contacts

Set Reminders and Stay On Top

Stay connected by setting reminders with your mentors, colleagues and peers to keep your network’s value strong.

  • Quick access to automatic reminders
  • Ability to set custom reminders
  • Snooze to another less busy day
  • “We Connected” feature to confirm relationship

Keep Track of Details That Matter

Record notes of your interactions to keep better track of your conversations.

  • Display of all interactions in a timeline
  • Searchable notes that links to your contacts

Contact Merge

Say goodbye to contacts like Alex Home, Alex Work, Alex Personal.

  • Clean duplicates by merging them into one list
  • Suggest Merge highlights duplicates that need your attention

The Future of the Android Beta

We still have a lot more that is making its way in the coming two weeks for our next update in the Android beta. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

– In-App Notifications (for now you have only email reminders)
– Ingesting local address book option
– Tags: a quick and flexible way to label and group contacts.
– Notes: Right now, you can add notes whenever you have connected with someone. This update will allow you to add notes at your comfort on any contact (even if you’re not connecting)
Filters and Sorting: Helps you search and organize your contacts in whatever way that works for you.

Release Notes Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of what you can find in the current Android Beta

Users can:
– Sign Up / Sign In
– Ingestion Google or Microsoft account through onboarding

In New:
– View contacts in buckets based on last contacted: This Month, 1-6 Months, Other (after 6 months, never contacted)
– Ability to set reminders

In People tab:
– Search
– Filter people by Everyone or Relationships
– Set reminders
– View person details
– Delete a person
– View, edit and update contact information
– Add contact manually

In Settings tab:
– Contact support
– Help Center
– Add integrations (Google or Microsoft)
– Terms / Privacy
– Delete account
– Signout

In Today tab:
– View reminders for Today or before Today if they are unactioned
– Complete reminders

Other notable mentions:
– Add to Today function is supported
– The timeline is available on Today or on People for each person

Stay Connected!

But the job is not done and we need your help. We build all of our features around your experience so please keep your fantastic feedback coming. It’s our job to act on all of it for future Android Beta updates. You can reach us through Contact Support in-app (at the top of Settings), as well as emailing us at feedback@uphabit.com.

If you would like to know more about UpHabit, who we are, and how we function as a company, we just wrote a little piece on our blog and can be read here.