Beta 2.4 Changes

Hey Habiteers, we wanted to check in with you and give you a quick update on our latest deployed release UpHabit Beta 2.4. We have reworked some design elements that we hope will improve your experience when using UpHabit. A lot of Habiteers have been sending in some feedback and have asked us to test out a few ideas. Here is a quick overview of what some of the changes are in beta 2.4, along with the people that inspired us to make these changes:

beta 2.4

New We Connected Menu

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback regarding the size of the We Connected call to action. Many Habiteers pointed out that the button was small and confusing. We’ve redesigned this to make it larger and make it easier for our Habiteers to spot and know what to do next. We overall did a big stylistic change to make it more apparent as to what the next steps are. We really hope you enjoy this one.

If you would like to know more about the We Connected feature, please visit our helpful guide by clicking here.

Badge Icon On Today Tab

On the today Tab, there will now be a badge count for the number of reminders that you have for today. This will help you directly know how many people you have to reach out to and plan accordingly. The badge count can be found at the top left corner of the Today tab.

If you want to learn more about how to use the Today tab, please click here.

Beta 2.4 - New Badge Count
beta 2.4 Contact Tags

Tags Visible On Contact Card In People/New

For any contacts with tags, their tags will now appear on their contact card in People/New tabs. That means if a Habiteer searches or filters or scans through the list manually, they can see the tags along with all those that have the tags. Special thanks to Rudy, one of super-engaged Habiteers, for suggesting this.

If you would like to know more about tags and how to use them, please visit our guide here.

More Updates Soon!

That’s only 2.4! We still have a lot more coming your way including the Android beta to be released in October! We’ll definitely keep all our Habiteers in the loop when it’s ready to launch. As for what’s next for iOS, we want to start off by thanking all our Habiteers for the consistent feedback that keeps us getting better. We really appreciate your efforts and are looking forward to the next update! Please keep your fantastic feedback coming. It’s our job to act on all of it. You can reach us through Contact Support in-app (at the top of Settings), as well as emailing us at feedback@uphabit.com