New Shiny Features and Fixes

We’re really happy to bring in another much-needed feature to our users, Contact Merge. We got a lot of feedback in regards to giving you more control over tidying up your list of contacts. From our end, we are continuously working on making this easier and faster to use. Part of that control is the contact merge feature introduced in the new update. We also had quite a few fixes and improvements worked on for the overall experience of the app.

Contact Merge

Contact Merge

Contact Merge is here! Now you can use the merge feature to merge contacts in UpHabit.
If you see someone’s personal and work contact details as two separate contacts, merge it!

If you would like to learn more about Contact Merge works, click here to visit our guide

Other Updates

iOS 12 Update

UpHabit now supports iOS 12. All of our features have been tested and used on iOS 12 supported devices.

Google Contact photos

If you have a Google Integration setup, your contacts’ photos and avatars will now appear in UpHabit automatically!

Other bug fixes and improvements to Tags, Add to Today, and We Connected. Full breakdown can be found below.

Full Release Notes Breakdown

Data Update Notes:

  • On Friday, September 21, we sent out an email acknowledging two issues found that might have impacted your enjoyment of UpHabit. The two issues are: Google or Microsoft integrations stopped for some users, and duplicate contacts and contact details sometimes appearing. We committed to resolving these issues and that has not changed. We have been working to resolve both of these issues and have an update for our Habiteers.
  • As of Monday, September 24, the integration issue has been resolved. We’ve implemented a restart process and have added monitoring tools to prevent an issue like this in the future.
  • As of Monday, October 1, regarding the duplicate contacts and contact details issue, we have significantly reduced the chance of duplicates being created. We are continuing to investigate and implement further optimizations so that we can resolve the issue entirely.
  • As of Tuesday, October 2, we have started removing the identifiable duplicates. We are completing this in stages over the next week or two and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re complete.
  • This update is part of our commitment to being open about any issues that might have impacted your enjoyment of UpHabit. Thank you for all the feedback and thank you for using UpHabit!

UpHabit Beta 2.3 Release Notes:

  • Contact merge
  • Ingesting photos from Google
  • iOS 12 Support
  • Polish:
    • Tags polish: Adding tag to contact if user taps save but doesn’t hit “Add Tag” first (without this we were not adding the tag)
    • You can now search by tags or description in the People tab
    • Add to Today polish: when preference is turned off in the Settings tab, the Start Date will now be calculated based on the recurring rule (right now we default to today)
    • Add to Today polish – if user selects “Once”, the Add to Today will be turned off so so users can select the date they want to be reminded
    • Today polish: Add count of reminder for Today below the word Today
    • Replaced “Reminder (1)” from Today screen with reminder shortcuts UI that is used in New / People
    • We Connected is now always in full screen (ie. you shouldn’t see tabs)
    • Creating / Editing tag or description will generate a timeline event
    • Improve error handling for sign up
  • Bugs:
    • People – Hitting search and cancel multiple times will result in crash
    • Flashing of the user interface in Today / New
    • Loading spinner @ New / People tab is stuck after full sync is done and never disappears
    • Contact edit – editing or adding last name will hide tags
    • Lost the ability to add tags and leave edit tag screen (navigation lost)

Stay Connected!

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