Beta Update Rolling In

In our last blog, we had rolled out the beta to 5000+ subscribers and the feedback has been tremendous. Our users have been sending in their ideas and have kept us busy working on the next set of features. We wanted to share with you what some of the most requested features have been and what we have in our latest beta update. Here is a quick overview of some of the biggest changes we made for 2.2:


Tags are a quick and flexible way to label and group contacts, leads, emails, organizations, opportunities, or projects. Being able to group your contacts by custom tags will give control you of over how you want to manage your relationships.

Quickly customize your list of contacts by Friends, Family, or even Squash Buddies. It’s customizable in whatever way you want!

If you would like to learn more about how tagging works, click here to visit our guide

Filters and Sorting

Filters and Sorting will help you search and organize your contacts in whatever way that works for you

You can filter your contacts by One Time Reminder, Tagged, Untagged, No Reminders…
and you can sort your contacts by Last Name, Last Connected, Reminder Date, Last Updated, Company and Email Domain. 

For all the juicy details on this feature, visit our guide here to learn more.


Add To Today

“Add To Today” is a manual toggle on the Set Reminder screen that gives you control on how you want to manage your relationships.

When you have this setting enabled, UpHabit will automatically create a reminder to the Today tab, as well as your desired reminder interval.
When the setting is disabled, UpHabit will only create the reminder on the date you set.
You can change your preference at any time by visiting your Settings tab

Just a heads-up, the “Add to Today” setting is also applicable to the quick reminder shortcuts.

If you want more details on how to use this new feature, click here to visit our guide.

Integration Upgrade

In 2.2, all of your contacts will appear in both the New and People tabs — they are no longer limited to those with emails! One such scenario where this was happening was with your Local Address Book integration. If you have already integrated your Local Address Book, your lists will update automatically — check “Other” in your New tab!

A Word From Our Founder

Neil - Founder and CEO

I wanted to share a quick note to you from me personally.

First, your data is private to you and we care deeply about that. Nobody at UpHabit, from me on down (or as I believe, me on up), will ever do anything but work to protect your data and keep it private to you.

Second, we have a lot more features coming. Better duplicate spotting, contact merge, bulk tagging, and email filters are just some of the ones you’ll see soon.

Third, we’ll keep refining our existing features, including improving creating and viewing notes and “completing” reminders.

Please keep your fantastic feedback coming. It’s our job to act on all of it. You can reach us through Contact Support in-app (at the top of Settings), as well as emailing us at feedback@uphabit.com

All of us at UpHabit hope you have a great day!