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A Busy Two Weeks

We officially rolled out our updated UpHabit iOS beta! Your Personal Relationship Manager, created with privacy in mind. After three months of writing code and adding new features to the original beta, we felt it was in great shape, and it certainly was. It’s been crazy busy on our end but so worth it!

We’ve rolled out UpHabit 2.0 (now 2.1) to our 5000+ beta subscribers and we’ve been steadily collecting a ton of ideas (and finding only a few bugs!) from our Habiteers. We’ve consolidated all these into our action items and now have a firm idea of where we want to take UpHabit in the next few weeks. We love our Habiteers and we’re very appreciative of the feedback — we’re going to act on it!

There are a lot of automated (email) addresses that I would like to delete all at once. It would be so much faster if I could select several at a time... Thanks!

Anonymous User Feedback

It took us less than seven days to iterate on our most requested feedback, and we released a new build on Friday with bulk delete. If you’re a new user, this will be the build that you get immediately! Here’s a quick overview of the changes we made for 2.1.0:

Bulk Edit and Delete
  • Added the ability to bulk-delete contacts: This was, by and large, our most-discussed feature from the beta rollout. See our screen to the left to see bulk-delete in action!
  • Removed the first name field as a requirement to add a new contact: To increase the ease of adding in business contacts.
  • Changed copy in our onboarding: We were told that onboarding was a little confusing.
  • General bug fixes and improvements!

Coming Soon

However, that’s not it! We have so much to work on, thanks to that beautiful feedback that we’ve gotten. Here’s what’s on our radar right now:

  • Tagging and filtering contacts: Currently we’re working on tagging on a one-by-one basis. Check it out on the right!
  • Expanding our Local Address Book integration to include all contacts and not only those that have emails: This action is a bit harder on our end, but it’s a valuable addition to make!
  • Bulk merge: Which allows you to merge two or more of the same contact into one. It’ll use the same multi-select capabilities we introduced with bulk delete. You can even see how to use it in the screenshot above.
  • Overall UX (user experience) improvements: For both setting reminders and We Connected.

General Feedback and Thoughts

I’d also like to take a moment to share some of the more interesting pieces of feedback we’ve gotten. These will be actioned, but a bit further down the line.

  • Privacy: We’ve spoken to many users about their privacy concerns, which has highlighted to us that we can be much more transparent in our in-app and on-site copy. So we’re going to do a deep-dive into improving our communications specifically where privacy is concerned. Your data is your data and it’s in our DNA to always respect that — here’s a link to our Privacy Policy if you want to learn more.
  • Making Reminders and We Connected more robust: We released with bare-bones so that we could learn what people are looking for and build from there… and boy did that work! Everyone has fantastic ideas (like adding photos or syncing with events) that we’ll be looking at.
  • Refining our notifications and email strategy: We’re learning that some people love it and some find it overwhelming. We’re going to work on making them better, as well as building a setting whereby you can choose what types of communication you want to receive.
  • 2-way sync: This means that if you edit a contact in UpHabit, it will be edited similarly on your other platforms. This one is hard, but many people are keen on this idea, including us!
  • More integrations: Many users are requesting other email services (like iCloud), and we’re going to look into social integrations as well.
  • And lots, lots more: We’re on a roll now with a great foundation and we’re very excited about what we have and what we’re going to have!

As we continue to iterate on this feedback, build up for a release version, and release our Android beta (coming soon!) we’re relying immensely on the good and the bad that our users pass onto us. Even those who subscribed to our beta on Product Hunt but never downloaded — that helps us to refine our branding. So we’d all like to thank you for being a Habiteer, for being part of our journey and for allowing us to serve you in helping build great relationships!

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UpHabit is an easy-to-use app that takes the heavy lifting out of reaching out, following up, and building an effective professional network. Stay connected with UpHabit, now completely free! Download the app on iOS, Android, and MacOS.

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