We mean it! One day we’ll be looking for more users, but for right now we’re all about our first wave of cohorts. We are going to obsess over our first users (our Habiteers). We can’t help it! The Habiteers will have a ton of learnings to share with us so it’s fitting that we develop our relationship with our first users! It would be a little ironic if we didn’t, right?

We’re going to give our beta-users the red-carpet treatment. We’ve committed to obsessing over their feedback and implementing as many of their ideas as we can. Until we understand everything about these users and pin down exactly what makes UpHabit so valuable to them, we won’t spend time and money searching for new Habiteers. We’ll be able to pin down issues better within the app and perfect the user’s experience by focusing solely on our first Habiteers. After all, this feedback (as well as our team’s ideas) will spur UpHabit’s further development. We want to focus on our Habiteers and what we can do for them; our app is the manifestation of that dedication.

So what does this mean for you, our users? You can be sure that we’re going to want to contact you (via surveys, interviews, and the like) and get to know about you and your relationship with UpHabit. Why did you download our app? What can we do to make your experience the best it can be?

We want to hear every issue and every idea… rest assured that we will take your feedback seriously. We’ll cherish the good and agonize over the bad until we make UpHabit perfect. Our first Habiteers are our pride and joy, and we want to make UpHabit the best it can be. For that, we need your help.

Our core purpose, UpHabit’s reason for existence, is to help you develop deeper and more authentic high-quality relationships. We won’t rest until you feel we’re helping you with that. We are dedicated to this cause; we are committed to you.

The next six to nine months are going to be crazy, and we’re very excited to have you on board with us.